Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HSG Results

Lately I have been crazy busy between work, things going on at church, having people over at our house, and working out. I'm sure most of you know by now from my facebook status or just by talking to me that I had my HSG last Tuesday. It went amazingly well. The dye went through my uterus and tubes in about 15 seconds. They said it was the easiest and quickest HSG they have ever done. It seems that so far everything is going so well and there is nothing wrong. Now we wait for the next three months to see if we get pregnant. Even though there is nothing wrong, the HSG increases our chances of getting pregnant because the dye cleans outs any mucus that might be in my tubes. There are a lot of cases where women have gotten pregnant after the HSG just because of that reason. So that gives us some hope.

Brice left for St. Louis today and he will be gone until Saturday. :( There is a conference going on up there for New Frontiers from Wed- Friday. He also has his interview on Thursday with two of the New Frontiers guys that are part of the church up there. This will be the determining factor of whether or not we officially move up there. It will also decide, if we do end up going up there, how long it will be from now that we go. It definitely will have to be a year at least because Brice signed his contract for this school year. We are thinking it might even have to be two years because of the $8000 stipend we received for buying our house. The stipulations are you have own the house for 3 years and it has to be your primary residence. If we leave in a year and rent it out it won't be considered our primary residence, so we're not even sure if that's an option. I guess we'll have to wait and see what God does!

God has definitely changed my heart about St. Louis. Before I was very against it and did not want to leave Statesboro, my friends, and our church family. Now my feelings about it are completely opposite. I'm excited to leave Statesboro and move to a bigger city and just enter into a new stage of our lives that God has planned for us. This may not be what He has planned for us. But if it is, He has really changed my heart about being very open to it and even excited about what He'll do in our lives if He does take us to St. Louis.

In light of Brice leaving today, we decided to have date night last night instead of the usual Wednesday night date night. We were really excited about it!!!!

We went to Olive Garden and had some yummy white wine, which is odd because we are really red wine fans and not too big on the white wines. We split a meal and then went for a walk on Georgia Southern's Campus. We walked through each building reminiscing about all the classes we had there and the experiences we went through. We talked about how crazy it is that Georgia Southern used to be our lives and all we knew about Statesboro. We never thought we would actually stay here, buy a house, and begin building our lives here.

I'm really going to miss him while he is gone though. I'm glad I got to spend the whole night with him before he left.

I love my husband so much!


  1. Great pictures--they truly show your love for each other! Blessings to you both! And love from the Lee family in TN.

  2. You guys are so cute! Aren't random photo shoots the best? :)