Saturday, September 11, 2010

Consignment Shopping

I love going shopping at consignment shops because you can always find the best deals! We went to the farmer's market this morning and there is this cute little children's consignment shop right next to it. They are a children's shop, but they also have tons of juniors clothes and purses. I can almost always find shoes there because I can fit into kids 3 1/2, and they sell for $2.50-$3.00 a pair! You can't beat that! We stopped in there today after going to the market and I bought the cutest purse and wallet set for $5!

The inside is cute too! It has lots of pockets and I love all the different fabrics on this purse.

Well anyways, I loved the bag and bought it. Then I decided to make a checkbook cover to match it. So I bought some fabric that matched the ribbon, and made one! I've never made one before, but it turned out great and only took about 20 minutes!

Now I have a cute little purse set, all for about $7 total with the cost of the extra fabric plus tax! I've been needing to get a smaller bag since my old rag purse is really worn out. I've been meaning to make a new one, I just haven't had time to get fabric for it yet. So I'll carry this around for now!

We also saw these awesome bags at the consignment store made out of dog, cat, and chicken food bags! That's right, dog food bags, crazy! What a great way to recycle though! They were super cute and would be so easy to make, and they were selling them for $15! I'm going to make one out of Leo's food bag once he eats it all. They are great to take to the farmer's market and to the grocery store. Sadly I didn't get a picture of it, but I'll definitely take some once I make one!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Show Me A Sign Giveaway!

I was browsing around my friend Jennifer's favorite blogs and came across this cute blog Simple Little Joys. I clicked on her latest entry and found out she's doing a giveaway of one of Jennifer's amazing signs!

I've known Jennifer since I was 4. Sadly I have not seen her since my wedding 4 years ago, but we still keep in touch through email and each other's blogs. Jennifer and her husband Matthew have been going through the struggles of infertility as well. It's amazing that God put us in each other's lives so long ago. Now we have so much in common with the similar struggles we have gone through.

The Lord recently moved on her and her husband's hearts to begin the adoption process. She began making these awesome signs to sell to raise money for their adoption. She is amazingly talented!

Here are two of my favorites:

If I had children I definitely get this sign. I love it so much!

You can check out more of Jennifer's signs here:

and her blog here:

You can enter to win one of Jennifer's signs here:

Just follow the steps on Rachel's blog to enter! Have fun browsing Jennifer's beautiful signs, grab the button off her website, and spread the word!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Home Before and After

I've been blogging around lately looking at different people's blogs and have found some really cool ones on decorating. It's neat to see how people decorate their homes and all the different ideas they have. I thought I would share our before and after pictures of the work we did on our house.

Our Tiny Bathroom: Before
Before: Notice the yucky floor, it's hard to see but it was gross!
After: Notice the floor and new toilet! Brice did such a great job! We are actually going to re-paint this bathroom and sand color that sort of matches the floor.

The Guest/Hallway Bathroom: Before

The Guest Bedroom: Before


Our Bedroom: Before

Before: Looking from the hallway into our room and to the kitchen
Same view after without Brice standing there :)

The Kitchen: Before into the laundry room, and no dishwasher
After: Door on the right goes into the laundry room, and there's the new dishwasher! Brice and his dad did a great job!
After: Brice put new laminate on the counter top and installed the new sink and faucet
After, again without Brice
Before: with the old stove and old hot water heater
and overhanging counter top next to stove
Dining Area in the Kitchen (notice the nasty floors)
After! Notice the new beautiful floor that was underneath the nasty floor!

The Living Room



After: Didn't really get a good picture of this area after. It looks different now anyways.


So that's our home! I have some before pictures of the laundry room and third bedroom, but I never took after pictures since they were never really decorated. They both still need some work. It was so much fun doing all that work to the house and turning it into something beautiful!