Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good News

Well, I received some good news yesterday. My blood work came back fine, which means no clomid! My progesterone levels were normal and I'm ovulating on my own so I don't need to take any fertility assistance. All this makes me wonder if I ever even needed to take it in the first place. The other doctor we were seeing never even drew my blood to check my progesterone to see if I was ovulating. He just ASSUMED I wasn't. How frustrating.

They also tested my thyroid and prolactin and said everything was fine. I called the nurse back this morning to get the exact numbers, and she told me my progesterone was at 17. She said anything over 12 is good, and anything over 15 is excellent since it will lead to high rates of pregnancy achievement and success. This is all very good news! It seems that everything is coming back normal so far. This is a good thing, yes, but they also do all the easy tests first. Then comes the more complicated ones that check for the more complicated problems. So I could be dealing with something bigger than just not ovulating each month. However, we could also find out that everything is fine, and it's just not God's timing for us to have children yet. I praise God for our modern technology though, that it can help me find out if there is something going wrong and fix the problem. He's such a gracious and loving God!

Next up is the internal x-ray test of my uterus and tubes, called the hysterosalpingogram (HSG). I have not scheduled that one yet, but it will probably be sometime next week.

Thank you all for your prayers and support in this journey we're going through. It's easy to start feeling lonely and forgotten through all of this. It's very encouraging to know that my friends and family are praying for us. We love all of you!

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