Sunday, October 24, 2010

Event Filled Saturday

Yesterday was a very eventful day. We spent most of the day with Zach and Michelle, and Phil and Danielle. We went to the Farmer's market and then we walked over to the Habitat for Humanity Restore. We found this awesome coffee table and some really nice lamps.

The candle and holder on the coffee table were on there at the store, so we went ahead and bought that for $1. We thought it looked great and went with the look of the table. I love going consignment shopping and finding stuff that is super unique. I've never seen a coffee table like that before.
New lamps!
Close up of one of them.
We got the coffee table for $20 and both lamps for $10. After we bought the table, lamps, and candle with the candle holder, we walked back to our house... with all the stuff. We live pretty close to downtown where the market and the restore are located, but its a good 15 minute walk. So Brice, Phil, and Zach took turns carrying the coffee table while me, Michelle, and Danielle each carried the lamps and candle. It was definitely entertaining for people driving through town. Multiple people stared, turning completely around as the drove by just to get a good look at us.

When we got home and situated, Brice and I decided to finally re-cover the "new" ottoman. We purchased a glider ottoman to go with our glider for $.50 at the annual attic sale at the beginning of the year. The fabric on it was cream colored and covered in brown stains from use. So I placed a piece of fabric over it that I was planning on covering it with. We finally did it this weekend and it turned out great! Sadly, I never took a before picture of it.

I only had a small piece of the fabric leftover from when I recovered the glider. So I had to cut it in half, and then cut one of the halves in quarters and sew the strips to all four of the sides of the other half of the square. That way it would be big enough to stretch over the sides and onto the bottom enough for it to be attached. It ended up having seams on all the sides, but I don't think it looks too bad. Brice did a great job stapling it down!

Someone gave us the glider and it had really dirty, ripped up, cat hair covered cushions on it. I took the covers off of them and used them as patterns to re-cover the cushions. I did it about 2 years ago when I had little to no knowledge on sewing, so it took me about 48 hours total to do it. It taught me a lot about sewing though and it was pretty fun! Here is the ottoman with the chair (please excuse the pillow, I didn't fluff it back up and straighten it after someone sat on it):

After we re-covered the ottoman, we went to Tybee Island with Zach and Michelle. Right now it's a full moon, and the moon looks amazing over the ocean during this time of the month. So we drove to Tybee, walked on the pier for a little while, then went to Spanky's and got some awesome potato spuds. Then when it got dark, we took some blankets back to the beach and laid down to look at the stars. Brice pulled out his Ipod Touch to look at his planets app so we could see where all the constellations were. We were all looking at this really bright star pretty close to the moon, so he wanted to see what it was. So he looks at his Ipod and said, "Hey, that bright star is Jupiter!" Michelle goes, "Really?! Why can't you see the rings?" We all start laughing and changing the subject because we sort of thought she was kidding but she kept asking, why you can't see the rings!? She finally says, "Will someone please tell me why you can't see the rings?!" It was so funny, we were all laughing so hard! Poor Michelle! We finally told her that Jupiter doesn't have any visible rings, and even if they were visible, there is no way you would be able to see them from Earth. After that we laughed and joked the whole time, and even got to the point of crying because we were laughing so hard.

Yesterday was a very event filled day, but it was an awesome day spent with great friends!


  1. OOhh...I love the coffee table! I love thrift stores and one of my favorite things to do is shopping at the Restore. I bet it was a funny sight to see all yall walking back home :)

  2. Hahahahaha I totally feel ya, I totally fell for Zach's gullible joke! Ahh, the joys of hanging out with friends with no strings attached or the responsibilities of children. I remember those days, and loved them, but I also love these days, too: the ups and downs of motherhood. And one day, Lord willing, Christine, you will know the joys of having children too!!! :)