Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Care for Your New Mama Pads!

Caring for your cloth pads is simple and easy!

Follow these simple steps to keep your cloth pads fresh and clean!


After use, rinse your pad until the water runs clear. You may also choose to soak your pads. You can soak them in:

  • Cold Water Alone
  • Cold Water with Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Cold Water with Lavender Oil
  • Cold Water with Salt
  • Cold Water and an Oxygen based soaker

If you choose to soak your pads, be sure to change the water at least daily and keep the container away from children.

If you choose to not soak your pads, try using a wetbag by Loving Touch Wet Bags to place used mama pads in instead of a hamper! Bigger sizes allow you to hang them up on your door and smaller sizes alow for an easy on go bag! Wet bags have cotton on the outside and PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate) lining to hold in moisture. These bags brighten up any room by adding color and texture!


After soaking pads, rinse to make sure water runs clear. You may want to run your pads through a COLD pre-wash or soak cycle. Then wash on regular cycle with detergent.

If you choose to soak in cold water only, or not to soak at all, you can put a couple cap fulls of hydrogen peroxide in with the detergent. Hydrogen Peroxide naturally removes blood and other hard to remove stains. You may also hang them outside in the sun to dry. Sunning out cloth naturally bleaches and removes stains. DO NOT use regular bleach OR fabric softener on your pads! This will shorten the life of your pads and may discolor and break down the fabric.

You may also hand wash your pads.

Dry pads in the dryer or hang to dry.

If you use cloth diapers, your pads can be washed with your cloth diapers and wipes.

Please email me if you have any questions regarding cloth pads:

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