Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Farmer's Market

Live in or near Statesboro and don't want to pay for shipping? Come check out my sewn cloth creations at the Farmer's Market! All of my products are located under the Wombfruit Wraps booth!

The farmer's market is located behind the Sea Island Bank in the parking lot, on the corner of E. Main and S. Main, in Statesboro, Georgia. The farmer's market is every Saturday from 9am-12pm.

Sara, Heather, me, and Rachel under The Cloth Garden booth!

Sara, Heather, and me behind Heather's Loving Touch Wet Bags

Sara's Crunchy Creations, Allison's GalBabies Nursing Covers, and my rag purse hanging up on the left

Rachel's Wombfruit Wraps

My PureProvidence Mama Pads and Heather's Mama Pad Wet Bags

Rachel's Wombfruit Wraps

Sophia behind Sara's Crunchy Creations table

Heather's Loving Touch Wet Bags

Kirk behind Loving Touch Wet Bags and my PureProvidence Cloth Wipes in front

Crunchy Creations, PureProvidence Cloth Wipes, and Loving Touch Wet Bags

PureProvidence cloth items at the Farmer's Market

Sara's Crunchy Creations

Allison's GalBabies Nursing Covers hanging over PureProvidence and Crunchy Creations

The whole booth

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  1. Christine, it all looks so great!!! I can't wait for the market again this Saturday! We missed you last week :(